Arthur and the children of the Round Table

An epic comedy about the childhood of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
For 6-10 

An original series shot in UHD – HDR  –  52 x 11′

Set in the ancient days of magic and chivalry, these hilarious adventures feature young Arthur and his friends, as they valiantly protect Kamelot and the sword Excalibur from the enemies of the kingdom.


Technical Specifications

Status  | in production
Director| Jean-Luc François

Producer | Blue Spirit Productions
International sales | Newen Distribution

Broadcasters  | TELETOON+, Canal + Family (France), Telepool, ARD / SWR (Germany), NRK ( Norway), RTS (Swiss), RTBF-OUFTivi (Belgium), Société Radio Canada, S4C (Wales), SHCC (Israël), SVT (Sueden), VRT (Belgium), Jetsen Huashi (China)