UFO seasons 1 & 2

series in flash – 104 x 5′

Based on the comics by Lewis Trondheim & Fabrice Parme, published by éditions Delcourt

When his flying saucer sustains damage, Coda the alien crash-lands on Earth during the age of dinosaurs. He’s going to cross the different eras of mankind’s history and try to survive. Coda will go from the Himalayas to China, via Easter Island, encountering Noah’s Ark, the Vikings, Napoleon and Raspoustine.And despite himself, he’ll make his mark on our planet… in an unexpected way! UFO is a silent animated series for a wide audience: the cartoon reference of a character trapped in another world will appeal to toddlers, while, the nods and winks to mankind’s “accomplishments” will form a second level of insight for older kids… and adults!

Technical Specifications

Year  | 2009-2010
Directors| Jean-Luc François, Sandra Derval & Paul Leluc

Producers | Blue Spirit Productions , Canal+
Broadcasters| Télétoon +, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network…
International sales | Newen Distribution