Discover the adventures of Alice & Lewis on TFOU every Sunday from April 5, 2020 at 7:45 am!

Alice & Lewis, directed by Bernard Ling is a new original series of 52 episodes of 11’30” in HD for 4-7 year olds produced by Blue Spirit in co-production with Movimenti (Italy) and Globo (Brazil). The series will be broadcast in France on TFOU from April 2020 and will be available from 2021 in more than 130 territories You don’t know anything about «Wonderland»? Don’t worry, neither does Alice ! For Alice, every day provides a good reason to visit her friend Lewis in Wonderland. Perhaps she just misses him, or she has two minutes to spare before school, or maybe she needs Lewis’ help to solve a problem…Alice & Lewis on TFOU from April 5th!