The Ballad of Yaya

Mille Bornes . series
In Development

The Ballad of Yaya

The Ballad of Yaya . Feature-Film
In Development

The Borrowers . Series In Development

The Baker Street Four . Series In Development with Folivari

Cut and Run . Feature-Film In Development

Alice & Lewis . Season 2 In Development

Arthur and the Children of the Round Table . Season 2 In Production

Arthur and the Children of the Round Table  
Feature-Film in development

The Mysterious Cities of Gold . Season 4 In Broadcasting

Splat & Seymour . Series In Broadcasting

My Life as a Zucchini . Feature-Film In Exploitation

Loopdidoo . 5 Seasons In Exploitation

The Prince’s Voyage . Feature-Film In Exploitation

The Painting . Feature-Film In Exploitation

UFO . 2 Seasons In Exploitation

Little Chicks . Series In Exploitation

Les souvenirs . Short-Film
In Exploitation

The World of Pahé . Series In Exploitation

Emily . Series In Exploitation