In progress
in developement, in production
Arthur & the children of the Round Table
Alice & Lewis
The Borrowers
Le voyage du prince
Feature Film
The Ballad of Yaya
The Baker Street Four
series & feature films
Official Selection – Annecy 2017
loopdidoo 5 seasons
César 2017 – Best Animated Film and Best Adaptation, Oscar and Golden Globes 2017 Nominations
My life as a Zucchini   Feature Film in stop motion
On the air in France, Canada, Belgium, Spain etc…
The Mysterious Cities of Gold
seasons 2 & 3
Based on the graphic novel Emilie by Domitille de Pressensé
By Jean François Laguionie
The Painting  Feature Film
Based on the Graphic Novel by Christian Jolibois et Chistian Heinrich
Little Chicks
With Canal+
UFO seasons 1 & 2
Prize RTP2 Onda Curta at Cinanima festival 2012
Les Souvenirs Short Film
Based on the comics by Pahé
B.F.F aka Le monde de Pahé 
loopdidoon 5 seasons
 My life as a Zucchini, Feature Film
The Mysterious Cities of Gold
seasons 2 & 3
The Painting   Feature FIlm
Little Chicks
UFO seasons 1 & 2
Les Souvenirs Court-métrage
B.F.F aka Le monde de Pahé